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Enjoying Motherhood Despite a Disability

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Being a new mother is a daunting task at best, even more so when you have to do it with a disability.


But thanks to a cochlear implant and the help of a doting husband, Terri-Lee Moorhouse is adjusting well to this new chapter in her life. Terri-Lee a former pupil of the Greenwood Primary School, which has a special unit for children that are hearing impaired, gave birth just over a month ago to a healthy baby girl, Mykaela. Fortunately Mykaela does not have any hearing impairments.

Terri was born deaf in her right ear and lost her hearing in her left ear when she was eleven years old. She suspects that a bout of chicken pox when her mother was pregnant was the reason for the deafness in her right ear while a virus infection could have led to her losing all her hearing. At the age of 12 she received a cochlear implant after her mother managed to raise the money for the costly procedure through a variety of fundraising drives.

“The cochlear implant has changed my life forever. Without it I would not be able to hear the loving words of my husband and the sweet gurgles of my daughter.” She said. According to Terri-Lee the only difficulty she has due to her deafness is at night time when she does not wear the hearing aid. “We have to turn the light on to communicate since I have to lip-read if I do not have my hearing aid in.”

“Our daughter sleeps in her pram on my husband’s side of the bed. As I cannot hear her when I do not have my hearing aids in, he has to stay alert for her cries. Christopher is very patient and alert to my deafness at night. Often I wake up in the early hour’s paranoid – asking in a panic where our daughter is. During these hours of silence my loving husband will wake up to our daughter’s cries and, after changing her, will gently wake me to feed her,” says Terri-Lee.

Enjoying Motherhood Despite a Disability
By: Janet Pereira