Urban Sky Trust

Philosophy of Education

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The school has traditions handed down and developed over many years.  These have helped to provide a positive ethos which those who have studied here value highly.

We believe in a Child Centred Multicultural  Education where the individuality of each person is recognised and developed.  A dynamic, vital, disciplined yet friendly atmosphere prevails in the school.  The school endeavours to promote the Greenwood Family which comprises learners, educators and parents / guardians and to enhance interaction and communication among them.

We accept that if education is dynamic then change is inevitable.

The school’s mission is to preserve much of the old yet:-

  • not be resistant to change
  • prepare pupils to meet the challenge of change
  • encourage them to act with courage at all times

Regarding the community:-

  • To prepare learners to participate meaningfully in society
  • To instil in them a sense of responsibility and accountability toward their fellow men
  • To encourage them to preserve culturally enriching activities and to share them with each other

Regarding personality development and character training:-

  • To teach learners to judge objectively
  • To encourage them to discern with wisdom and compassion
  • To help them to exercise self-discipline within an atmosphere of discipline
  • To provide accepted and respected moral values and normative standards

Regarding the pursuit of excellence:-

  • To develop the learners according to their own abilities and potential
  • To encourage self-esteem and a positive self image
  • To work purposefully according to the requirement of the syllabus
  • To learn to apportion time to physical exercise and leisure in addition to planned studies
  • To strive towards academic excellence

This school wishes to promote the worth and dignity of all those who come within its sphere.  Courtesy and friendliness, together with concern are key characteristics.  We strive to develop the whole child - academically, physically, spiritually and socially.  We endeavour to seek good in others and always to doour best.