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Academic Facilities

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Greenwood Primary School prides itself on the fact that it remains at the forefront of education.  It keeps abreast of all the latest developments in education ;and educational technology.  The school is fortunate to have a highly qualified and dedicated staff who unstintingly give of their time and effort and often go beyond the call of duty.

The school is fortunate in being able to cater for the needs of every primary school pupil.  We believe in a balanced education which is child centred.  The academic side of the child’s education is important and so are cultural and sporting matters.


There are two well-equipped pre-primary classes taught by fully qualified educators. A comprehensive programme is followed and solid foundations are laid for further education.  The value of a pre-primary education cannot be underestimated and is highly recommended.


Learning problems are identified and effectively dealt with by the School Psychologist, the Remedial Educator and the Didactic Team (DAT).  The DAT fulfils an important role. Educators, under the guidance of the School Psychologist, provide extra tuition to those learners whose problem is not of such a  nature that it needs the attention of the specialised remedial educator.

A Speech Teacher visits the school each week.  Speech and hearing defects are diagnosed and corrected.  Serious problems are referred to the relevant practitioners.  The School employs a bridging-class teacher to assist pupils in overcoming language barriers.

A private occupational therapist visits the school twice a week.  All pupils are constantly monitored and all problems or queries are reported and followed up.


Help and counselling for learners and / or their families. Greenwood uses the services of inside and outside counselling care. Individuals or small groups are seen by counsellors from various organisations such as FAMSA, LIFELINE or specific psychologists, social workers and other people in the help and caring professions.  This service is invaluable at an institution such as Greenwood.


The learners are accommodated in comfortable, well equipped and pleasant classrooms.  The educators make use of modern teaching aids and materials.  A high standard of education is ensured and maintained.

The learners are encouraged and taught to be creative and critical in their thinking.  Experimentation by both learners and educators is encouraged.  Each child is treated as an individual and opportunities are provided for learners to express their feelings and thoughts openly.

The work covered by the pupils extends beyond the basic curriculum.  Learners are encouraged to extend themselves academically and enrichment exercises assist in the promotion of individualised learning.


Greenwood Primary offers three Levels Classes which are taught by three well qualified and competent educators.  The learners specific needs are met because the classes are small. This enables the learner to receive individual attention. The learner is allowed to proceed at his / her own pace. In Special Education, the learner is afforded the opportunity of reaching his / her optimum potential. They participate in all the school’s activities.


We have four classes to serve hearing-impaired learners from Grade one to Grade seven, as well as a Special  or Levels Class.  The learners who are admitted to these classes are unable to cope with the demands of mainstream education.  They manifest attendant speech, language and educational problems due to their hearing loss and/or ear pathology (problems).

Our goal is to attend to the hearing-impaired learners’ special educational needs in small specially equipped and acoustically designed classes as effectively as possible. It is desirable that the pupils should be able to re-join the mainstream education as soon as they have been rehabilitated to cope with their hearing impairment as well as the demands of the normal school syllabus.

Integration with peers in the mainstream education is fostered and encouraged in the playground, on the sports field and in cultural, social and special education activities at Greenwood Primary School.


  • These classes serve hearing-impaired pupils from Grade 1 - Grade 7, as well as Special class learners, who would be unable to cope with demands in the mainstream of education, due to their attendant speech, language and educational problems caused by a hearing loss.

  • Our goal is to attend to the hearing-impaired learners’ special educational needs, in small, specially equipped and acoustically designed classes as effectively as possible. It is envisaged that these learners be re-integrated into the mainstream of education as soon as they have been habilitated to cope with their hearing-impairment as well as the demands of the normal school syllabus.

  • Integration with hearing peers in the mainstream of education is fostered and encouraged in the playground, on the sports field and in cultural, social and special education activities at Greenwood Primary School.


  • The child must have full audiological, speech, language and psychological assessment before admission, or certification to the classes will be considered by the multidisciplinary team.

  • A full investigation by an Ear, Nose and Throat Specialist is required prior to admission.

  • The child’s spoken or oral language must be the means of communication in either English or Afrikaans, as we do not have a Xhosa P.H. class yet. Signing and total communication methods are not used in Partially-Hearing Classes.

  • A concomitant developmental language delay resulting from the hearing- impairment or previous hearing-related factors such as a history of ear-infections should not be greater than two years below the minimum language requirements for the grade to which the child will be admitted.

  • Caution should be exercised when considering test results obtained on test instruments designed for use on populations other than those of the Eastern Cape Province. Qualitative assessment and observation of a child’s linguistic ability should be considered in conjunction with the formal test results obtained. A trial period of 6 months within the classes is recommended prior to the   certification of a child as a Partially-Hearing pupil with Special Educational needs.


Outdoor Education plays an important part of the school curriculum.  Each year the Grades Five to Seven learners take part in a three to four day Outdoor Education excursion.  The school also holds an annual weekend fun camp.  Various one day and part-day excursions are conducted throughout the year.  On these excursions,  the learners learn about the topic being covered in its natural environment, resulting in a more effective learning experience.

The learners in the higher classes visit the Museum School. The learners are taken on a wide variety of outdoor excursions covering many aspects of the curriculum.


Computers play an important role at Greenwood. Every week, each class visits the Computer Laboratory which is equipped with sophisticated computers and a wide range of supporting software.  These programmes are constantly updated and supplemented.


Greenwood Primary has a large and comprehensive library.  It forms an integral part of the school.  Reading is encouraged at all levels.  The library is open at certain times during the afternoon where learners may exchange books or do research.  Each class visits the library once a week during which time they are taught Book Education and are able to  exchange their books.

Research techniques are taught and the learners use the library’s resource books to acquire the information required to complete the assignments and projects given in class.  Extensive use is made of the library.


Videos, films and slide presentations, pertinent to the curriculum, are regularly ordered and shown to the pupils in the Media Laboratory.  A comprehensive range of modern teaching aids is also housed here.  The school is building up a video library on different aspects of the curriculum.

The Media Library supplements the teachers’ classroom teaching and makes the learning experience more effective.


A dynamic music department offers comprehensive tuition in a large variety of instruments and both the orchestra and choir have received much acclaim for their outstanding performances. Individual specialised music lessons are taught in a large variety of instruments and pupils play and write external examinations conducted by the Royal Schools of Music and by Unisa.

Class music is taught to all the learners. An appreciation for a wide variety of music is inculcated. Musicals are presented  by the music department and school on a regular basis.   


Both Art and Music play a vital role in a child’s education.  These cultural subjects help the child to develop into a more balanced person.

The school has a large, fully equipped multi-purpose room.  Creative thought is inculcated and encouraged.  The learners are afforded the opportunity of entering various diverse Art competitions.


A life skills programme is offered to all learners at Greenwood.  The learners develop dexterity in the use of their hands in creating articles which are both practical and pleasing to the eye.  An important part of this package is design and technology which stimulates thought processes.  Various skills ranging from problem-solving and decision making, down to practical skills such as basketry, decoupage and fabric painting are taught.


Grade One to Seven pupils receive Xhosa tuition from a qualified Xhosa teacher.


These awards are handed out, on a weekly basis, to pupils who uphold the Greenwood Code of Conduct.


Each pupil is afforded the opportunity of earning an academic or merit award by attaining a specified mark at the end of each term.   This serves as a form of motivation for the pupil to work diligently throughout the year.


The Prize Giving takes place at the end of each year when academic, cultural and sporting achievements are recognised and honoured.   On this prestigious occasion, cups, shields or trophies, some of which date back to the origin of the school, are awarded.