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Extra Mural Activities

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Greenwood Primary School believes in educating the whole child.   The Academic part of the curriculum is of utmost importance.   However, participation in extra-mural activities fulfils a vital role in a child’s life.

The school endeavours to teach its learners a wide variety of sports skills, the rules pertaining to the various games and the importance of good nutrition and healthy exercise.   The cultural side of education is, however, not forgotten.   An understanding and appreciation of art, music and drama is inculcated.   Remedial tuition also forms part of the extra-mural programme.


The school boasts excellent sporting facilities.  The playing areas are encompassed by imposing trees which create a spectacular atmosphere.   There are tennis courts, cricket nets, a large hall for indoor sports, a computer laboratory, a large tarred playing surface and a swimming pool.   The school has its own mini-buses to transport its learners.

The following extra-mural activities are offered during the summer terms:

BOYS : swimming; athletics; cricket; tennis; mini-tennis.
GIRLS : swimming; athletics; tennis; mini-tennis; ballet (private)
BOYS AND GIRLS : chess; choir; computers; KG games; library; remedial tuition; Scripture Union.

The following activities are offered during the winter terms:

BOYS : soccer; tennis; mini-tennis
GIRLS : hockey; mini-hockey; tennis; mini-tennis
BOYS AND GIRLS : choir; chess; computers; KG games; problem-solving bowl; remedial; library; Scripture Union and ballet.

The teachers endeavour to instil attitudes of good sportsmanship and healthy competition in the pupils.   They regularly attend clinics to upgrade their coaching skills and to remain abreast of the latest developments in the various games.