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Parent Participation

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Greenwood Primary School sees itself as being an extension of the home.   Good communication between the home and the school is thus imperative.   Parents / Guardians are requested to ensure that they receive and make a thorough study of all school circulars. 

Opportunity is provided for educators and parents / guardians to meet.   Parents / Guardians are encouraged to make an appointment with the relevant educator to discuss any matter.   The Principal is always available to assist wherever possible.   Positive criticism and suggestions are welcomed.


This is a vibrant and effective Association.   Its purpose is not only to raise much needed funds, but also to promote communication and fellowship between parents / guardians and between educators and parents / guardians.

Activities are organised.   It is essential that parents / guardians become involved in school activities as their children will benefit from their involvement. Funds raised by the association are utilised for upgrading the school’s facilities.


The school is governed by a Governing Body elected for a three year term of office by a general meeting of parents of the School.

The following are the most important functions of the Governing Body:

  • General supervision of the school buildings, grounds and moveable property
  • Appointments of all academic, administrative and cleaning staff.
  • Control over school funds.
  • Supplying the Authorities with information concerning the school.
  • Organising all areas in the school so that the main function of the school,educative teaching, continues at its optimum best.