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Greenwood Primary School

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Greenwood Primary School is the only mainstream facility that has a Partially Hearing Unit to educate hearing impaired learners in the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan and surrounding areas. The classes serve hearing impaired learners from Grade 0-Grade7, as well as special class learners who would be unable to cope with the demands in mainstream education, due to their attendant speech, language and educational problems caused by hearing loss.

The goal is to attend to hearing impaired learners special education needs, in small, specially equipped & acoustically designed classes as effectively as possible. It is envisaged that these learners be re-integrated into the mainstream of education as soon as they have been habilitated to cope with their hearing impairment as well as the demands of the normal school syllabus.

Integration with hearing peers in mainstream education is fostered & encouraged in the playground, on the sports field and in cultural, social & special education activities at the school.

The partially hearing unit forms part of the main school with the following admission criteria to learners who will be facilitated in the unit:

  1. The child must have full audiological, speech, language and psychological assessment before admission or certification to the classes will be considered by the multidisciplinary team.

  2. A full investigation by an ear, nose and throat specialist is required prior to admission.

  3. The child‘s spoken or oral language must be the means of communication in either English or Afrikaans as we do not have a Xhosa P.H class yet. Signing and total communication methods are not used in Partially-hearing classes.

  4. A concomitant developmental language delay resulting from the hearing –impairment or previous hearing related factors such as history of ear-infections should not be greater than two years below the minimum language requirements for the grade to which the child will be admitted.

  5. Caution should be exercised when considering tests results obtained on test instruments designed for use on populations other than those of the   Eastern Cape Province. Qualitative assessment and observation of a child’s linguistic ability sould be considered in conjunction with the formal test results obtained. A trial period of 6 months within the classes is recommended prior to the certification of a child as a Partially-Hearing pupil with special Educational needs.

At present there are 8 classes, each class accommodating between 8 – 12 learners. The teachers are highly trained to enable them to educate these learners and are constantly going on training to remain in touch with current   teaching trends for partially hearing learners.

Greenwood Partiall Hearing Unit Head:
Mr John Bell
Tel: +27 (41) 585 4142