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Warning Signs of Hearing Loss

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Warning Signs of Hearing Loss:

  • The child who has a history of ear infections, coughs & colds & frequent absences from school.
  • Earache, blocked ears or visible discharge from ears.
  • Earache, blocked ears or visible discharge from ears.
  • Watches the speakers face for clues.
  • Has difficulty listening to & is unsure of what the teacher has said when the teacher looks away & talks.
  • Immature, confused speech sounds.
  • Difficulty following verbal instructions, asks for repetition or watches other children’s leads.
  • Inappropriate response to a sequence of verbal instructions. Also unable to follow written instruction.
  • The child who needs the volume of TV or radio to be greater than the hearing-comfort-level of others in a room.
  • Sound location is slow.
  • Speech is louder & sometimes indistinct.
  • Appears inattentive, restless and distracts other.
  • Irritability, atypical aggression, bad-tempered behavior, frequent upsets at school.
  • Low interest in following a story, especially in noisy conditions.
  • Pace of learning is slow. Attention span short is short & child tires quickly.
  • Asks for more individual help than usual.
  • Discrepancies between verbal and practical skills.
  • Particular academic difficulties in verbally-related skills such as reading, particularly in establishing sound-symbol associations, sound blends or discrimination between sounds.
  • The child complains of severe earache or a discharge comes from one or both ears.

Referral Chain for Hearing Impaired Learners

  • Clinic sister
  • Family doctor
  • ENT specialist

The parent or teacher suspects a Hearing Loss in One or Both Ears

  • Teacher informs principal
  • Teacher carries out simple voice tests at school
  • School refers child to Education support Centre for further

Audiometric testing is done at Education Support Centre or by Private Audiologist:

  • Private doctor or ENT specialist
  • Municipal health clinic
  • Provincial hospital

If hearing loss is of a permanent nature and no further medical treatment is indicated:

  • Private audiologist
  • Provincial hospital
  • P.E deaf association

If child fails to make progress in school after hearing aid has been fitted:

Child is referred to the Education Support Centre for educational guidance and if necessary for placement in Partially Hearing classes, e.g. at Greenwood Primary School, or Rueben Birin School for the deaf.

The Educational Placement Procedure

  • The audiogram, results of the hearing test, reports relating to psychologist’s tests and reports and test results from therapists in various disciplines are discussed at a Classification Meeting.
  • The results of the Classification i.e. ‘deaf’ or ‘Partially Hearing’ are communicated to the head of the LSEN at regional office.
  • The head then consults with the school principals and informs the parents regarding the placement in specialized education.