Urban Sky Trust


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The trust is focusing on raising funds for the partially hearing children in the Eastern Cape in order to IMPROVE educational facilities, EDUCATE the public as well as ASSIST ineducational needs for the children mainly focused on reading.

The Trust works closely with Green Wood Primary School Partially Hearing Unit, where the majority of learners are from previously disadvantaged families. The teachers are highly trained to enable them to educate these learners and are constantly going on training at Carel Du Toit Centre at their own cost to remain in touch with current teaching trends for partially hearing children.

Funding is needed within the unit for certain elements to make their life easier in the classroom such as:

Sound Proofing - a sound proofed environment allows the learners to focus on the lessons at hand keeping the external noise out. At present the classes are not sound proofed making it difficult for learners to concentrate.

Specialised Air Conditioning - specialise air conditioning units asre needed in the classroom to keep the learners cool and focussed in summer. At present the teachers keep the windows open but this bring in the external noise distracting the learners.

FM Units - each classroom and each learner needs to be fitted with FM Units. These allow the teacher to move freely around the classroom with having to stand infront of the class teaching the lesson. The FM units also enable the children to hear messages broadcast during break time over the intercom units. At present the school does not havre enough FM units for every child to benefit.

An ideal classroom listening environment is imperative to a child’s capability to learn, and their development of verbal skills, reading and writing, as well as academic progress.Learning through listening requires that a student has full access to his or her teacher’s spoken utterances. (Reference www.phonak.co.za)

Additional Lessons - reading plays a big part in a partially deaf childs life as this assists their speech dramatically as well as their understanding of the lessons at hand. Without the ability to read a child cannot learn. Partially hearing learners need to nip reading in the bud at an early age. Learners are chosen from within the PH unit who battle with reading and with the funds raised we are able to send them to the Tina Cowley Reading Centre in Miramar for extra lessons. These lessons are not a once off affair and it is normally a 6 month, once a week lesson that is beneficial to the learner.

If you are interested in sponsoring a child or making a donation to assist in improving their educational facilities, please feel free to contact:  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it