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Parent Strategy #1

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Parent Strategy #1

Make your POINT by (Drawing attention to sound)

When a sound occurs, POINT TO YOUR EAR. The phone ringing, the dog barking, the water running, the TV going on, the car starting, Daddy calling ``I’m home!`` or Santa ho-ho-hoeing… you POINT TO YOUR EAR.
To make your point, be sure your child sees you pointing to your ear and smile while you do it. Say ``I hear______.`` Then, after naming the sound you hear, imitate it.
``Mommy hears the doggie. Woof, woof.``
``Grandma hears the rattle. Shake, shake.``
``Daddy hears the doorbell. Ding-dong.``

One day soon when you least expect it, a sound will occur, and before you can point, your child will look in your direction and POINT TO THEIR EAR!

So, keep those hearing aids on and in good working order, so you can make your point.