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Parent Strategy #3

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Parent Strategy #3
Keep the YARDSTICK LEVEL  (Hearing Aid Level)

It is easiest for a new hearing aid user to hear sound that is not only close to them but also is on the same level with their hearing aid.

Sound that is way up high or far below your child is too difficult at first to hear. When babies and toddlers are on the floor and adults are standing up, the words you are saying have to bounce off the wall or floor to get to your child’s hearing aid microphone. And, the farther the sound travels, the more of it we lose.

As you keep in mind the yardstick for distance, also think about keeping the yardstick level. This means that you will have to bend down or pick the child up. And when the doorbell rings or the bath water gets turned on, remember to position your child so that their hearing aid lines up on an imaginary line with the source of the sound.