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Parent Strategy #8

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Parent Strategy #8

Bore Me to Death (Use of repetition)

Children not only learn by repetition, they love it! That’s what made Dr. Suess a millionaire! Fortunately, there are plenty of things that by nature are repetitive in our daily routine. Simply by talking about the same things you do day after day, over and over again, a child gains the repetition they require to learn.

Remember, however, that your child will learn the routine long before the language. So once you have established a bedtime, bath time, getting dressed, and table setting routine, use it to help your child with the 1, 2, 3.

Every night when its bath time, you accompany your child to their room and say…

``Open your drawer`

``Find jammies`

``Close it`

``Open your closet`

``We need fuzzy, fuzzy slippers`

``Close it`

``Baaaaaaaaath time! `

(Notice that the Cheap Hotel has also been considered)

Staging repetitive routines may bore you to death but your child’s world will become much more predictable… and the language tied to it!! And you will have many daily opportunities to test whether or not your child is beginning to understand your words.