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National Deaf Awareness 2012

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Generous Start To National Deaf Awareness Week 

The generosity of Mr Nagel, the winner of an Urban Sky Trust competition in aid of raising funds to assist partially hearing learners at the Greenwood Primary School Partially hearing Unit with extra reading lessons has started the Port Elizabeth National Deaf Awareness 2012 campaign with a warm heart. Mr Nagel kindly donated his cash prize back to the Urban Sky Trust to continue facilitating the extra reading lessons at the Tina Cowley Reading Centre in Walmer.

National Deaf Awareness week is a focus on the importance of hearing and promoting free hearing screenings for children and adults as well as encouraging the public to get their hearing tested. “Sometimes turning a deaf ear is to your own detriment” says Janet Pereira founder of the Urban Sky Trust. Gradual hearing loss occurs over time and is 100 percent preventable by ensuring exposure to recreational and occupational noise is minimal. It is an employers responsibility to ensure correct hearing protection is provided to employees in the workplace and it is important for people working in a noisy environment to have their hearing tested annually to monitor their hearing levels. Noise induced hearing loss is the second most common reason for a sensorineural hearing deficit after age related hearing loss.

Today’s children are constantly using electronic devices listening through headphones to listen to music or watch movies, parents must monitor the levels of the sound as damage to hearing is caused by high volume that is determined by the duration and continuous listening,  even at a reasonable level it is dangerous to their hearing. The reason for this is the sound is directly in the ear canal and this can damage the delicate hair cells in the inner  ear that transmit sound impulses to the brain.

Hearing and sight work hand in hand and many children who have a hearing impediment can also suffer from sight loss. If you think you could have a hearing loss of know of someone who may be suffering with their  hearing or sight , get your free hearing and visual screening during National Deaf awareness week. The Greenwood Primary School Partially Hearing Unit (opposite St Georges cricket grounds) are once again opening their audiology unit to the public for FREE Hearing Screenings from the 3rd September to the 14th September 2012. Children will be screened from 9am – 1pm and adults 2pm to 4pm. Vision Works Optometrists will also be offering free visual screenings for the public during this period.

Almost all children with a reading disability have a problem with what they hear not only with what they see. Children with a hearing loss also battle to read, the Tina Cowley Reading Centre in Walmer as part of their commitment to partially hearing children and National Deaf Awareness Week will also be offering 50% off their reading assessments. If you would like to make a difference and donate towards extra reading lessons to assist the partially hearing learners at the Greenwood Primary School Partially Hearing Unit with their reading you can make a donation to the Urban Sky Trust Account ABSA 916 515 8989 (632005) ref RLNDA2012. 

To book your free hearing screenings at Greenwood Primary School Partially Hearing Unit book on 041 585 4142. Free Visual Screenings at Vision Works Optometrists  041 363 0516 / 367 4790. Reading assessments  at Tina Cowley Reading Centre 076 118 4081 or call the Urban Sky Trust on 041 582 1199 or visit www.urbansky.co.za